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Selling Sugar and Ethanol Plant With Own Lands – SP
description of the plant
Sugar and ethanol plant with its own land.
location: northwest region of the state of são paulo. annual crushing: 3.6 million tons milling – 6 suits 42 x 84 installed capacity: 4.5 million tons 30 thousand tons day
forecast 2022:
3.6 to 4 million tons because only the sugar cane planted on its own land will be crushed, that is, 27,000 hectares – a total of 11,157 bushels of land. co-generation of energy: co-generation 60w (operating with 40w) – (selling 20w to third parties) production: 60% ethanol – one million liters per day – 50% anhydrous, 50% hydrated. 40% sugar- 20,000 bags per day (vhp) 80% of the industry is automated 100% of the cultural practices are owned by a fleet of agricultural machines sufficient 50% of the transport is owned by a fleet of trucks and 50% outsourced harvesting 100% mechanized 30 km of vinasse irrigation canals
3 state-of-the-art boilers (systematized) 100% of the water used is treated crops located within a maximum radius of 15 km average price per bushel in this region: r$-150,000.00 audited every 3 months price -us- 1,700,000,000, 00 (one billion seven hundred million dollars). (including own land and all equipment for the operation of the plant)
It is strictly necessary to send a “letter of intent to purchase” with complete details of the buyer group, for analysis and scheduling of the visit.

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