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For sale Farm of 35200 Hectares-Lavoura-MA
AREA: 35,200 HA
AMOUNT: 2,200,000,000.00 (Two Billion and Two Hundred Million Reais)
Direct Access to Representatives.
Location: Leste Maranhense Preliminary report of a farm with 35,200ha (thirty-five thousand, two hundred hectares) located in the northeast portion of Maranhão and whose main aptitude is intensive agriculture, highlighting location, relief, soil types, annual rainfall and agricultural suitability. Preliminarily, it should be noted that this summary was prepared from information obtained mainly from the owner and scanned copies of documents provided by the same, which will be made available in due course.
The area is georeferenced, with all the documentation in order.
AREA: 35,200 hectare, being:
15,000 ha with grain production;
2,000 has already made opening.
8,000 ha being felled (Tractors working daily) Total planned Final Opening 25,000 ha
New Office, Owner’s house;
Employees’ houses Canteen, Accommodation, Angar artesian well 1,600-meter runway in the approval process, Seeding with capacity for approximately 26,000 sacks Lung silo with capacity for 20,000 sacks
Deep semi-V warehouse with capacity for 300 thousand bags
Semi-V deep warehouse with a capacity for 400 thousand bags built in 2020 Hopper with a capacity of 6 thousand bags with 4 divisions Dryer with a capacity of 60 tons 50×45 meters Seed processing structure (hopper, classifier, density table and with a coolseed refrigeration system with capacity of 20 thousand bags 30-meter scale with a capacity of 120 tons 02 Shed for 45x45m machines
Despite the good technical condition, the current owners are willing to open negotiation in the property. If a financially interesting transaction arises, there is the possibility of selling the property.
Documentation is all in order No Liabilities of any nature
Owners Interest: Sale.
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Região do Maranhão- MA

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